Matchbook Exchange Review

The online bookmaker Matchbook has been active since 2005. When they set up shop they were one of the first betting exchanges out there. A betting exchange is an alternative to the more traditional fixed odds bookmakers, allowing users to set their own odds and bet against each other, peer to peer. You choose whether you wish to back or lay a particular bet, and agree the odds. Whereas traditional bookmakers make money from the bets that are lost on their sites, the exchanges act as a platform and charge commission on the transactions taking place.

One of the biggest advantages that they have going for them today is their low commission when compared to the competition. They charge commission that averages around 1.5%, whereas for the rest of the industry the average is 5%. Lower commission gives you a greater chance of making money at Matchbook over the long term.

Matchbook is based in Alderney and is licensed to operate in the UK by the UK Gambling Commission.

Betting odds: flexible betting options and low commissions

At Matchbook the setup is a little different than at most other bookmakers. You can play the role of the player or the house by placing a lay bet, or backing the team/player. This provides an added element of flexibility to your betting.

Furthermore, the commission at Matchbook is an incredibly low 1.5%, whereas industry leader Betfair charges 5%.  The lower than average commission rate means that the chances of you making money at Matchbook are increased. The commission charged depends on where you are, and whether you are backing or laying a bet. Customers in the UK will be charged 1.7% for bets accepted, and 0.85% commission for offers posted and then matched by another customer. For users from Ireland the same rates apply.

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