VIP Skype Betting

  Asiakingbet offers VIP Skype Betting through Skype application with top odds worldwide and over 500000+ markets every month with over 25+ sportsbooks !

Simple solution, better results. All you need is a Skype account—or a phone to reach our 24/7 customer service representatives—that will cater to all of your betting needs. This service is totally free of charge and available to all customers with a minimum bet of 100 EUR/GBP/USD and minimum deposit of 1000 EUR/GBP/USD . High rollers or high volume bettors are welcome. Imagine…

  • Staking 25x the limit
  • Betting high stakes
  • Getting the best odds for all your bets
  • Placing your bets anytime, anywhere
  • Getting paid in 1 hour !

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